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Congratulations to Westbrook Jazz Ensemble Students Accepted for the District 1 Honors Jazz Festival

The following Westbrook Middle & High School students were accepted to perform in the District 1 Honors Jazz Festival at Sanford High School on April 6th and 7th (concert on April 7th):

Middle School Honors Jazz Ensemble

Kairi Burr - Clarinet (lead)

Eli Edwards - Trumpet (2nd)

Schuyler Stevenson - Flute

Giles Evans - Trombone (lead)

Addison Smith - Vibes

High School Honors Jazz Ensemble 1

Isaac Benn - Trombone (2nd)

Shaelie Kiefer - Trumpet (3rd)

Ashton Kinney - Trumpet (4th)

Simon Webber - Piano

High School Honors Jazz Ensemble 2

Ellie Backman - Saxophone (alto 1)

Gracelyn Gauvin - Trumpet (lead)

Dylan Bauer - Trombone (2nd)

High School Honors Jazz Ensemble 3

Shyla Gailey - Trombone (4th)

Orgy Toko - Trumpet (3rd)

Ryan Howard - Bass

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