Congratulations to the following Westbrook students who auditioned for and were accept to Honors Band:

Allie Gummoe - Bassoon

Isaac Benn - Trombone

Ashton Kinney - Trumpet

Gracelyn Guavin - Trumpet

Shyla Gailey - Trumpet

Zach Chau - Trumpet

Jared Fickett - Percussion

Solstice Barnes - Percussion

Simon Webber - Percussion

Claire Filiatrault - Clarinet

Gwen Chayer - Clarinet

Shaelie Kiefer - French Horn

Isabella Desimio - Alto Saxophone

Nathan Edwards - Baritone Saxophone

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Congratulations to the following Westbrook Middle School students who auditioned and were accepted into District 1 Southern Maine Middle School Honors Band and Chorus: BAND STUDENTS: Kaylie Sawyer, ob

Message from Kyle Smith: I am emailing to let you know that our Fall Concert Date had to be moved. This was out of my control, and I apologize very much! I don't remember this happening in my 20 years