Maine Jazz Camp

Below is info on Maine Jazz Camp - a great summer jazz camp for any students who want to do it. July 10-16 and it is local! Check it out!

Kyle Smith

Dear Music Directors,

Thank you for your support in recommending students to Maine Jazz Camp in the past. After a two year hiatus Maine Jazz Camp will meet in person this July at the Portland Conservatory of Music in Portland Maine. The dates are July 10-16, 2022 and camp is open to students entering grades 7-12. Adults of all ages are most welcome. This year students may attend as day scholars ($610) or as overnight campers ($800). We will continue to have our outstanding faculty who are prominent jazz musicians and who currently teach in established universities and colleges. These faculty members are not only experienced performers and teachers but also very caring individuals.

There will be faculty concerts from Sunday through Thursday night and student ensembles will perform Friday night and on Saturday morning. There will be ensemble sessions, master classes, clinics, and ear training daily. Students will be housed at Southern Maine Community College a few minutes away from the Conservatory. We will ensure that both the Conservatory and SMCC will remain safe locations for all!

Please feel free to recommend our camp to any interested students and share with them the enclosed application. I have also enclosed a poster for you to email or post at your location.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (718) 499-9051 or Our website is for more details.

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