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It's time to order your wreaths and poinsettias!! If you haven't placed your order yet to support our music program, please click the link below and SHARE SHARE SHARE!! This is a big fundraiser for us, so please spread the word and help us out. :)

The profits from this sale go directly back to Westbrook Music students K-12 in the way of instruments, supplies, repairs, scholarships, travel, and so much more! Use this easy form to complete your order (pick up will be at WHS). Feel free to share the flyer and link with local family and friends. c11XpGQCb7iANVEL8

Thank you for your support!

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Jazz All-State audition results were announced last week. Congratulations to the following students:

Simon Webber - Jazz Combo, receiving the top overall score in the state for piano.

Isaac Benn - Honors Jazz Band, 3rd chair trombone (3rd overall score in the state for trombone).

Ashton Kinney - Jazz Band, 1st chair trumpet (7th overall score in the state for trumpet)

Shaelie Kiefer - Jazz Band, 4th chair trumpet (10th overall score in the state for trumpet)

Anthony Vasquez - Mixed Choir

Lucas Benedict - Mixed Choir

Come see them play!

Where: Bangor High School

When: January 14, 2023

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The online store is open until November 18th. Click on the following link to order yours today!

(One change to the website: the personalization for the jackets is on the chest, not the arm as the website states!)

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