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The 2023 Winter Guard and Winter Percussion ensembles are in the middle of their current seasons and will be holding a Friends & Family Show this coming Friday 3/24 at 6:30pm in the Westbrook High School Gym.

All 3 ensembles (Middle School Guard Club, High School Guard and Percussion) have been working hard this season perfecting their respective shows. And all 3 will be performing this coming Friday.

This event is free and we are hoping to get a large crowd to support these kids as they finish up their seasons in the next couple of weeks.

I hope to see you there!

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Our Westbrook Music Store through Xtreme Screen Printing is open again, and we've got a new long sleeve shirt to add to the store. Order your Westbrook School Music shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, and blankets while they're available. The store is open until March 15th!! Here is the link:

Orders should all be in by early April! If you have any questions please reach out to or

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The following Westbrook Middle & High School students were accepted to perform in the District 1 Honors Jazz Festival at Sanford High School on April 6th and 7th (concert on April 7th):

Middle School Honors Jazz Ensemble

Kairi Burr - Clarinet (lead)

Eli Edwards - Trumpet (2nd)

Schuyler Stevenson - Flute

Giles Evans - Trombone (lead)

Addison Smith - Vibes

High School Honors Jazz Ensemble 1

Isaac Benn - Trombone (2nd)

Shaelie Kiefer - Trumpet (3rd)

Ashton Kinney - Trumpet (4th)

Simon Webber - Piano

High School Honors Jazz Ensemble 2

Ellie Backman - Saxophone (alto 1)

Gracelyn Gauvin - Trumpet (lead)

Dylan Bauer - Trombone (2nd)

High School Honors Jazz Ensemble 3

Shyla Gailey - Trombone (4th)

Orgy Toko - Trumpet (3rd)

Ryan Howard - Bass

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